Book Cover for Eight Money Making Ideas for Kids Under 16

Eight Money Making Ideas for Kids Under 16

By Fredrick Robertson
Released on September 01, 2020

Eight Money Making Ideas for Kids Under 16 focuses on making it happen. This short and to the point book gives the reader a guide to starting a specific small business today. It helps kids understand the lessons that they are learning as they enter the business world. These lessons are the truths of business. They are the foundation of everything that one will build upon as they grow and try more styles and types of businesses. Just picking one or two of these businesses and trying them will teach a kid so much in life. The learning experience for a kid is worth way more than the price of the book. This book is easy to read and will get anyone started in a small business. It will help them discover the fun lifestyle of owning a business and all the great lessons and rewards that will come with it. Download it on Amazon and start being an Industrialist today.

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