Rick Robertson

Rick Robertson

Creative writing and the unconscious is a lot of fun for me. I enjoy creative writing and studying Dr. Carl Jung, dreams, and the unconscious. There is something there and it is in all of us. I hope you find yours.

Any feedback or requests are always answered. Just reach out.

I was born and raised in Greenville, SC. I attended Christ Church Episcopal School from Kindergarten through Senior year. I studied English at The Citadel attending one semester abroad in Madrid, Spain. I graduated with a BA. I later went to Pacifica Graduate Institute and studied Depth Psychology. I focused on Jungian Analytical Psychology and dream work. I graduated with a Masters Degree. I run two factories based on Japanese Principles. You can see the factories at their perspective websites:



I am married with two children. My daughter is a tennis super star, My son is an old man probably on his twenty fifth life at the age of four. My wife is everything and more. I enjoy writing on my Royal Model O 1937 typewriter. I write Southern Fiction. You can contact me directly with any request; rick@thepaperstrawfactory.com

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