Imagination and the Muses - The Path

Posted January 16, 2024 by Fredrick Robertson
They swim in my unconscious and within my dreams before they dance upon the page. The Muses and the imagination create worlds where things develop and take on a life of their own. I am like a giraffe with my head floating in the clouds, detached from reality, living in a world of endless possibilities. The Muses spark the fires that fuel the imagination as one could only handle a spark from a Muse as the depths of the unknown only reveals itself in pieces, and it is that piece that grows and develops into something greater than what it is until it reads more than dried ink flat on a page.
 The characters begin to talk to you, and through you, and to each other. You find yourself talking outloud to yourself. You're laughing in hysterics as the characters communicate with each other. You’re pissed that something tragic just happened. The keys of the typewriter are sticking together as you bang on them with anger. There is nothing you can do about it. You keep digging and going deeper as the typewriter bell dings faster and faster. The excitement overwhelms you.
That place you go to, the land of the imagination and the Muses that is deep within yourself, you can’t force it or show it, but you can feel it on the page when it pours out of you. Others see it and feel it too. Your voice isn’t words or a sound that comes across the page, it is a unique feeling of yours. Those feelings, my writer friend, are the Muses swimming in your imagination. That is your voice. Share it with yourself and with this world. Great things will pour out of you upon the page. 
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